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Welcome to the home of StarstormX1 on the Internet! Come in and have a seat! For a while, I've held a fascination of the early pre-social media Internet, where people had their own personal webpages that they made their own. I wanted one for the longest time, but sadly, social media kind of killed the growth of personal websites. Luckilly, I discovered that there are places like Neocities where people could still make their own websites!

PLEASE STAND BY. This site is currently under construction!

Under Construction

My status...



2/26/2024: I will be migrating when I have free time! I will be migrating here! So far, nothing, but expect more content! (And maybe a new layout too! One I probably intend to build on Netscape 7.2's web editor...)

10/22/2023: Long time, no see, huh? Finally gonna dust this off! For now, it's just a simple name change of everything to "StarstormX1", but in the future, expect a overhaul of this site!

12/11/2022: Changed the pic of my sona in the "About" page to a newer one...

8/13/2022: Added a StatusCafe widget...

8/11/2022: Added an "about" page at long last! Also resized my character images for my Techno-Cat Cyberlux page.

5/26/2022: I found a layout I can use till I advance my HTML and CSS skills courtesy of Eggramen! Stay tuned for ACTUAL CONTENT...